Lost Everywhere

About Us

Dan Adelman


Tom Oman

The Main Idea

In summer 2009, while sitting on a train somwehere in Siberia, during an overland journey from Seoul to Amsterdam, we decided that we had to organize a trip without any borders, limitations or especially timelines. On that trip through China, Mongolia, Russia and the rest of Europe, we were killing ourselves every time we had to leave a place. After we got back to Canada, things quickly developed during the Fall of '09 and before we knew it, Dan had sold his business, Tom dropped out of school (haha) and we got rid of our meager possessions.

What had started out as an idea of a 6-week vacation through a bit of West Africa, somehow became a trip of monumental proportions. Starting in Israel, making our way down East Africa, going to the World Cup in South Africa, and then making our way back up the West Coast. We'll see how it goes, and put one foot in front of the other, theres no telling what will happen, but we'll try for that general plan.

Outline of the Trip
Without getting into too much detail, here is the general guideline of our planned trip.

Jan 26-30: Israel, Jordan
Jan 31-Feb ~10: Egypt
Feb ~11- 16: Eritrea, Djibouti
Feb 17-March 15: Ethiopia
March 16-26: Kenya
March 27-31: Uganda
April 1-5: Rwanda
April 5-30: Tanzania
May 1-10: Malawi
May 11-June 11: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana
June 11-July 11: South Africa (World Cup. Have tickets for Denmark v Netherlands and Brazil v Cote d'Ivoire)

After the deadline of the World Cup in June, we are free to go wherever we want.